Technology Solutions


Technology Solutions

  • Managed IT
  • Network Security/Risk Assessments
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Antivirus and Malwarebytes Solutions
  • Computer and Server Equipment Sales and Services
  • Internet Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Office Solutions and Emails
  • Email Encryption and Email Backup Solutions
  • Copier/Printer Solutions/Document Management Solutions
  • Network Cabling
  • VoIP
  • VoIP Phones and Phone Services/Support
  • Conference Call Solutions
  • CCTV Equipment Sale, Install, and Support
  • Proprietary Software Solutions
  • Website Development, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs
  • Domain Name Purchase
  • Credit Card Processing and POS System
  • I.T. Assessments

Need someone to help maintain your network and security so you don’t have to? You can count on C Three Business Consultants to do so. We have the most reliable, respectable, and vetted staff to do so. Managed I.T. is more than just a person looking over your network. Managed I.T. also consist of support, software, data backups, cyber security, and disaster recovery. C Three Business Consultants takes the guess work out of I.T. which will allow your company to grow and meet your goals. C Three Business Consultants has the expertise to eliminate roadblocks allowing you to push forward and continue on with your business. Even if you have your own I.T. staff and you need one time assistance on an I.T. project that requires more technicians to get the job done, contact us, we can offer the help you need on an as project basis. Allow C Three Business Consultants to help you with your I.T. needs!

Have you had issues with Viruses, Ransomware, or getting hacked? C Three Business Consultants can provide a security/risk assessment to see where the issues reside. Once we evaluate the assessment, we can then discuss with you the problem areas and how we can mitigate them. We have a team of certified technicians that can alleviate any threats! A security risk assessment identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in applications. It also focuses on preventing security defects and vulnerabilities. Carrying out a risk assessment allows an organization to view their network from an attacker's perspective. It supports the organization in making informed resource allocation, tooling, and security control implementation decisions. Conducting an assessment should be done on an annual basis and part of the security management process.

What is VoIP? Believe it or not you may already be using VoIP. If you have a bundled internet & phone package at home, you are most likely using VoIP. If you are paying your local internet company for your phone service at your office, you guessed it, you are probably using VoIP. A well implemented VoIP system should just be a phone system to you. Knowing how the calls are routed really isn’t important. What’s important is that your phone system is easy to use, easy to manage and has all of the features of your current phone system plus much more! In today’s world we are evolving to being able to make business calls remotely, securely, from anywhere. There are many extra features of VoIP including voicemail to email, digital transmission and voicemail transcription. These are convenient features and business VoIP has increased in popularity. Further features such as call pickup, forwarding, parking, find me follow me and multi-device ring make VoIP so popular. You can also save up to 70% of your current phone bill by switching to VoIP. Contact us today for a free assessment!

C Three Business Consultants has the solutions to provide you with the right copier, printer, and or document management needs. Are you looking to review your current copier agreement and costs? C Three Business Solutions can help you. Are you still using ink cartridges and don’t understand your total cost of ownership on your printer devices? C Three Business Consultants can help! Are you thinking of going to a paperless environment, we have the right solutions for document management needs! We can provide you with cost effective equipment, service, and support. Contact us today to find the right solution for you!

When you think of developing a website you think of price and time. C Three Business Consultants can help you navigate through both so you don’t have to saving you money and time! C Three Business Consultants has the right website development and ongoing marketing solutions that will fit your budget as well as give you the results you are looking for! C Three Business consultants has the expertise and knowledge of what it would take to get your business started or to the next level online! A professionally designed website must serve a variety of business functions including marketing, sales, product/service education and showcasing your business. C Three Business Consultants specializes in the implementation of modern website functionality, ensuring your website works as hard for your business as you do. Whether you want an informational website or you want an e-commerce site, we have the solutions!


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