Business Solutions


Business Solutions

  • Business Registration Assistance
  • Business Plan Creation and Support
  • Banking Consultant
  • Accounting/Payroll Services
  • Claims Consulting
  • Promotional Products
  • Logo Development
  • Branding and Digital Marketing
  • Expense Consulting
  • Office Space Location Consultant
  • Office Furniture Solutions
  • Commercial Roof Insurance Claims or Install Solutions
  • Utility/Energy Efficient Solutions
  • Office and Janitorial Supplies
  • Drone and Photography Solutions
  • Fractional COO

If you don’t know where to begin but you have a business idea and want to learn more how to make it happen C Three Business Consultants can help! C Three Business Consultants can provide you with resources to get you on the right track. You can consult with C Three Business consultants to find out what your next steps may be or where to start! From how to register your business, to how to write a business plan, to what happens next! We have the solutions! C Three Business Consultants will be hands on when getting your business started or to the next level.

When it comes to branding your company, we start by creating a logo. The logo we create will be the foundation of your business identity. After the logo has been created, we strategically work on your digital presence. Your digital presence also defines your brand. We take a deep dive into your website and social media platforms. We will then create a comprehensive marketing plan to provide brand awareness to your audience. Branding and marketing your business properly is key to getting Infront of your prospects!

A business strategic plan and assessment is foundational to an organization's success. It helps leaders set organizational goals and gives them a competitive edge. It determines various business factors such as how to price goods and services based on customer satisfaction and cost of raw materials, how to promote products and services, how to sell products and services, how to produce and deliver products and services, how to manage cash flow, investments, and debt. A business strategic plan and assessment helps you achieve your business goals. It provides the guiding principles for many organizational decisions. Overall, it helps you to define the methods and tactics you need to take within your organization.

Expense consulting identifies who your vendors are, what they provide, and how much you are paying them. Since we are a full-service business and technology solutions company, we will compare our services and prices to what you are expensing. We look for any avenue that can reduce costs. Any money saved means more money added to your bottom-line profits. If it is something we can't not provide directly, we do have a number of trusted partners that can come in and help reduce costs. Our main goal is to put your profits back in your pocket!

As a fractional COO we offer guidance, expertise, and executive level leadership to assist in avoiding challenges and roadblocks within the organization. We help you get on the right track for maximum development. We will relieve you of your responsibilities to help you focus on long term business goals. We can assist on a virtual or in person basis. We offer our services part time so that you still have a handle on your business. If you wear multiple hats as a business owner or leader of an organization, then you may need a part time COO.

When it comes to your building structure, we want to make sure that everything is up to code. Employees are slowly coming back into the office. We can ensure your compliant with your building codes prior to your employees coming back. Being compliant provides a safe place for your employees. When it comes to your roof, we can help with any insurance claims or installs. Your business is not just about what's on the inside, but we care about what's on the outside as well. Any structural damage on the outside, can cause damage inside. If damages occur inside it can cause loss in productivity, create unnecessary downtime, and added unneeded expenses. We want to be proactive and not reactive when it comes to your building needs.

As a business consultant we can provide you with resources to improve on your operations. We come in as your partner and work directly with you to provide you the resources you need on the areas, we are unable to provide. We have a network of trusted resources that have been vetted to ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee. We are with you every step of the way. We are your one stop shop for all of your business needs.


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